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Dont bury lets recycle
Metal Recycling Company in Malaysia
Scrap Metal Trader
Metal Recycling Company in Malaysia
Buying and selling all types of metal scraps


We are an industry leader in the recycling and reuse of a vast array of end-of-life and obsolete computers, computer monitors, printers and other electronic equipment. In our continuing effort to offset the rapidly increasing burden on the environment, Gateweld addresses these issues through innovation and integration of the latest state-of-the-art recycling systems.

Using the latest environmental and ethical recycling techniques, we maximise the value of recyclable components and minimise the environmental impact of disposal.

For example, with our recycling processes, rather than simply crushing equipment and sending them to landfill, as many components as possible are recovered, which can then be re-used in new applications. This minimises negative environmental impacts.

Telecommunication Waste   Mobile phones, Telephones, Telephone Exchanges, Wireless Equipments, Fax Machines, Equipment Cables and Etc.
Electrical Waste   TV, Refrigerators, Radio, Microwave Ovens, Conventional Ovens, Switches, Relays, Connectors, Air Conditioners and Etc.
Electronic Waste   All Types of Electronic Items.
IT Waste   Computers, Monitors, Printers, Routers, Servers, Scanners, Hard Drives and Etc.

E-Waste Collection


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